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The promise of Feng Shui is a philosophy which has been perfected to a science in China for over 5,000 years. It is about living in harmony with the elements and nature; surrounding yourself with the proper balance (Yin and Yang) of these elements, and tapping into the auspicious energy lines of the earth. By doing this, you will activate the powerful energies of the natural environment (Chi) to work strongly in your favor, bringing you tremendous good fortune and protecting you against bad luck, poor health, and loss of opportunities.

Within the past few years Feng Shui has become very popular in the United States, but in the translation Feng Shui has lost its traditional approach.

Today there are many classes and books on Feng Shui but few expose the authentic, classical theories, and many of them base their knowledge on the American interpretations of Feng Shui. These American (New Age) versions are not recognized in the orient as Feng Shui as they are lacking traditional theories such as the Eight Mansions school (Pa Chai), Flying Stars school (San Yuan) and many more. These formulas originated in China thousands of years ago and they form the classic text; they are the heart and core of what Feng Shui is and cannot be changed.

The only one true school of Feng Shui is the Classical text. This school involves the study of the environment and how its energies interact with a dwelling and which individual is best suited to take advantage of that situation. It is a science with many complexities, which involve a firm grasp on how to apply Feng Shui theories and not merely recommending tangible quick fix cures as New Age will recommend.
New Age Feng Shui has been circulating and growing in popularity during the last several years – it is only recently that an awareness of Classica authentic Feng Shui has begun to surface. Thanks to Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and other Feng Shui Masters bringing their teachings to the United States, the awareness and interest in Classical Feng Shui is steadily rising. Soon the New Age Feng Shui will be known for its false information and be a thing of the past.

A true Feng Shui Master does not have crystal ball to see into the future but rather, has access to a knowledge that they skillfully use as a “tool” to allow them to calculate the scientific probability between you and your past and with you and your future. With this data, you can make a calculated estimate of what took place in your past and what could take place in your future – if certain variables maintain constant. Everything around us is a reflection of who we are, where we live and work. Being able to calculate odds of success by your environment is Feng Shui.

Usually first time clients are overwhelmed, a lot of them are still under the general impression that their finances and health problems are easily fixed. Many people believe placing a plant in the “so called” wealth corner or they could enhance their relationship corner by placing items in pairs, etc. unfortunately this is all false information. Classical Feng Shui is much more mathematical and scientifically based. When I go into a client’s house, I like to confirm my chart by asking specific questions about certain events that have happened in the past. Usually, my clients interpret my instant knowledge of their personal affairs as my being “psychic” because of its accuracy.

Classic Feng Shui theories impact on human behavior, life situations and environmental behaviors. I discovered that all human behavior as well as environmental changes could be explained through the mathematical application of Classical Feng Shui.

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